City Review


Lyon, the third largest city in France, was for a long while considered drab and uneventful. Today, one would find this description hard to believe after spending some time in this picturesque city. Thanks to some corrective urban planning, Lyon has quickly become...


London’s cultural attractions run the gamut, from the highest of highbrow to sugar coated kitsch.  You can browse the impressive collections of the Tate or Natural History museums, scare up some fun at the spooky Tower of London, witness the changing of...


Located at an axis between Africa and Europe, Madrid, the capital of Spain, boasts the best of both continents.  The fusion of old and new, the cultural and the historical, makes Madrid one of the most popular and mesmerizing travel destinations in Europe.


Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. Originally a small fishing town, it has become the largest Dutch city, and the financial heart of the country.

Breathtaking canals, beautiful architecture, and friendly people have made Amsterdam one of the...

Did You Know?...

  • With over 80 million foreign tourists annually, France is the most visited country in the world.
  • You can start gambling as soon as you land in Amsterdam, at the Holland Casino found in the Schipol airport.
  • There are 28 UNESCO World

Upcoming Events Across Europe

  • Lucerne International Festival of Music, Switzerland

    Bask in the sounds of your favorite classical composers from August 15–September 14 as beautiful music, concerts, and symphonies from world-class orchestras fills the streets of Lucerne.

  • Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland

    From August 8–31, tens of thousands descend on Edinburgh to witness first-rate opera singers, dancers, musicians, and other performing artists put on incredible shows.

  • Tomatina Tomato Fight Festival, Spain

    The Tomatina is traditionally held in Buñol on the last Wednesday every August. You’ll have exactly one hour between 10–11 a.m. to throw tomatoes at strangers as well as be a target.