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The Czech Republic


Say Czech Republic and many people still think of Czechoslovakia, despite the fact that Slovakia and the Czech Republic went their separate ways more than fifteen years ago.

In Czech the long name Česká republika is still widely used, despite efforts to switch to the short name Česko, which compares to Czechia in English.


Sites to See


Many Czech city dwellers still own chatas, or holiday homes, on the Bohemian countryside, which is a very picturesque place to visit. There are plenty of farmhouses and even historic castles where you can spend the night. And when you wake up, the natural elements including a slow rising red sun and mist covered valleys are sure to wow you.


The main destination in the Czech Republic is of course the old city of Prague, a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated on a bend of the river Vltava. After the fall of Communism, the city quickly became a popular destination for Western tourists.

Prague’s churches, castles, synagogues and well-kept beer cellars provide most of the draw, but many visitors are also drawn to the melancholic atmosphere in this ancient city.

Excavations have established that Prague arose from a very early Celtic settlement, but the city became especially important from the 9th century AD onwards when the famous castle on Hradčany hill was built for the rulers of the Přemyslid dynasty. By the beginning of the late Middle Ages, the city provided a permanent home to many German and Jewish merchants, who settled between the Vyšehrad and Hradčany castles.

Prague was at the heart of Central European power because it was ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg dynasty from 1526 onwards, and the vast wealth that came with that is reflected in the opulent architecture.


Plzeň, the Czech Republic’s fourth largest city is of course the birthplace of pilsener (lager), and the hometown of Škoda. Škoda, once the largest industrial conglomerate in Central Europe, made anything from weapons to cars, trams, tanks and power plants. After the Communists were ousted from power in 1989, Škoda’s famous car manufacturing arm soon became part of German Volkwagen.


Casinos in the Czech Republic

Casino Palais Savarin, based in a beautiful Baroque building just two minutes walk from Prague’s Wenceslas Square, was extensively renovated in 1999. The casino offers a host of original games, and later additions such as a private VIP room and high-tech slot machines.

Casino de Prague Le Hilton is a well-established favorite amongst Prague’s expat community. This casino provides roulette, blackjack, poker, pontoon, Punto Banco and slots. The facilities are classy and comfortable, as you would expect from the Hilton chain.


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