Prague is a magnificent gem of a city whose majestic beauty inspires nostalgia for a fictitious fairytale time.

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague has held its status as a cultural center since its inception well over 1,000 years ago.

Interesting Tidbit

A number of famous people have lived “in the walls” of the infamous Prague Castle (see more below), none more famous than Franz Kafka. For a short time he lived at 22 Golden Lane where he wrote short stories and ultimately found inspiration for one of his best-known works “The Castle”. Feel free to pop in to the Café Kafka while you’re there for a bit of inspiration of your own.


Hot Spots

Prague is full of amazing sites. In fact, the historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Although the people of Prague in no way escaped the perils of the two World Wars (not to mention communism), the physical treasures of the city have remained surprisingly unscathed.

Some of the top sites include Prague Castle (the world’s biggest castle), the Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter (formerly the Jewish ghetto) and Charles Bridge.



Prague is renowned for its rich culture, and for good reason.


The city is host to numerous cultural institutions such as the National Theatre and the Estates Theatre (where Mozart’s Don Giovanni first premiered).


There are also numerous world-class museums in Prague including the National Museum, Jewish Museum, Alfons Mucha Museum, the Museum of the Capital City of Prague and more.

In addition there are literally hundreds of galleries, concert halls, music clubs and cinemas in the city.

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