Visit Rhodes



Located off the coast of Turkey, Rhodes is part of the Dodecanese Islands of Greece.  Greek is the main language spoken here, but thanks to the strong tourism industry, English and German can also be heard throughout the city.


Interesting Tidbit

Rhodes is located at a crossroads between Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  As a result you can see remnants of the Greek and Roman empires throughout the city, as well as relics from the Byzantine, Medieval and Ottoman eras.


In ancient times Rhodes’ landmark, The Colossus, was hailed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  Today the marvels that Rhodes holds are no less remarkable. 


The majestic Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights was originally built to house the most valiant of medieval knights, and later became a popular destination for European royalty.  You can now visit it in its current incarnation as an architectural site and museum. 


The Acropolis of Rhodes holds up to the test of time and is just as magnificent today as it was back in its day.  Overlooking the entire city, it continues to be a popular tourist destination and concert venue.  Many monuments within the Acropolis can be seen in their full glory from the sea including the Temple to Apollo, the Gymnasium, the Odeion and the Nymphaia.



The traditional food made in Rhodes is typical of Greek cuisine.  Many of the dishes are made with locally grown produce and have simple, yet fresh and delicious, ingredients. 


One of the most popular local dishes, Moussaka, is a long-established Greek staple.  The combination of minced lamb meat and eggplant reflect the Mediterranean flavors prevalent in the region.


Land-Based Casinos

Some of the most popular hotspots on this island include its famous casinos.  Casino Rodos, for example, housed in the elegant Grande Albergo delle Rose building, offers over 300 slot machines and 34 live table games and is known as one of the best European casinos.

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