Visit Budapest



Budapest is the capital of Hungary. This beautiful city is located on both sides of the river Danube and has about 1.7 million inhabitants.


Hungary became a full-fledged market economy in 1989 and has reformed its political and social institutions drastically since then. The country is now a member of the European Union and Budapest has become one of Europe's top destinations for weekend trips.


Interesting Tidbit


Hungarian history reads like a good old spy thriller. The country and its capital city changed hands more times than Austria's legendary Empress Elizabeth (“Sissi”) changed clothes.


In Roman times most of the area formed part of the province of Pannonia. These Pannonians traded successfully with places as far away as Spain. During the 4th century Germanic and Hun invasions made an end to Pannonia, but the Hungarians we know today, the Magyar, only came to the area around 900 AD.


What many people don't know though is that in 1241 Genghis Khan's Mongol troupes plundered and destroyed the cities on the Danube. Imagine that? They came all the way from the steppes of Southern Siberia!


After a brief Turkish spell, Budapest became an Austrian possession in 1686. Only after the Great War and the collapse of the Hapsburg empire did Hungary arise as an independent state, although the Nazis occupied Hungary during World War II and the Soviets exerted their influence for decades afterwards (resulting in the famous Uprising of 1956).


These events have all left their marks on the cityscape, which is opulent and incredibly diverse. Budapest is definitely one of the most important cultural gems in Central Europe.


Hot Spots


Too many to mention.


On the right bank of the Danube, i.e. in Buda, there's the walled Castle Hill (Várhegy) with its many monuments, churches and fortified walls.


Pest, on the other side of the river, offers what is arguably Europe's most impressive parliament building, Andrássy Avenue (Andrássy út), Heroes Square (Hősök more) and the Millennium monument, as well as Nagykörút Boulevard with plenty of shops and hotels.


When in Budapest there are two types of venues you simply have to visit:


1. One of the city's many bathhouses and natural springs, some of which date back to the Turkish era. We recommend three of them in particular: the Rudas, Gellért and Széchenyi Spas.

2. The city's famous coffee houses.




Of course there are plenty of museums in Budapest. Here's just a few of them: the Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, Neprajzi Múzeum, Szepműveszeti Múzeum, Ernst Museum, Ludwig Museum Budapest and the Soros Center for Contemporary Art. Do visit the astonishing Hungarian State Opera House as well!


Want to have a drink? There’s plenty of choice in that department, too. We recommend Ötkert (in a ruin), Instant (very nice atmosphere) or Negro (near Ötkert).


Land-Based Casinos


When in Budapest, make sure to gamble in style.


We can heartily recommend the Tropicana Casino (close to Vörösmarty tér) for blackjack, Caribbean Stud poker, punto banco (baccarat), dice, progressive poker games and American roulette.


Or visit the famous Las Vegas Casino in Hotel InterContinental, which offers six different progressive jackpots on the fun slots. Central Europe’s luckiest player to date recently celebrated a massive win there of €225,000 (and he only risked €1)!

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