Top 10 European Amusement Parks

Siam Park Tenerife

If you’re like most people, when you think of European travel you think of culture, cuisine, churches, museums and similarly highbrow experiences. Europe, however, also happens to be home to some of the greatest amusement parks in the world.

1. Siam Park Tenerife(Canary Islands, Spain)

Europe’s biggest water park with the world’s largest man-made waves, this all round fabulous amusement park also has an artificial white sand beach, “active” volcano, alligators, surf school and plenty of themed eateries.

2. Disneyland Park (Paris, France)


First opened as Euro Disneyland, Disneyland Park is a theme park at Disneyland Paris, the most visited theme park in all of Europe. Get ready to enjoy all the great Disney rides, characters and shows you know and love.

3. Legoland (Billund, Denmark)

Located near the Lego factory, the Legoland amusement park is a huge draw for imaginative children and adults the world over. Most of the rides are suitable for small children, which makes it a particularly popular family destination. Another big draw is the Lego miniland, with its recreation of global landmarks and scenes from millions of Lego bricks.

4. Walibi (Wavre, Belgium)

Formerly known as Six Flags Belgium, Walibi Belgium has water rides, thrill rides and rollercoaster rides including the first of its kind rollercoaster/ski lift combo ride.

5. Europa-Park (Rust, Germany)

Germany’s largest theme park, Europa-Park is split into 15 different sections named after European countries and regions. Different shows are performed daily in each region including an ice show in Greece, a gladiator show in Spain and an acrobatics show in Italy. One of the four hotels, the Colosse, has a replica of a Roman coliseum.

6. Wurstelprater Amusement Park (a.k.a. Prater) (Vienna, Austria)

7. Alton Towers (Staffordshire, England)

8. Pleasure Beach Blackpool (Blackpool, England)

9. Kaatsheuvel (The Netherlands)

10. Liseberg (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Upcoming Events Across Europe

  • Las Fallas, Spain

    Mid-March each year sees hundreds of huge papier-mâché sculptures (fallas) erected and placed throughout Valencia. Each sculpture is unique in design, size, and shape, and tourists gawk at them all while accompanied by street parties, cooking competitions, open-air concerts, bullfights, and parades. The highlight of the celebrations takes place each night with grandiose fireworks displays and the sculptures being burned to the ground on the last night, as a finale.

  • Starkbierzeit, Germany

    What could easily be considered Oktoberfest’s “little brother”, if you’re thirsty for some beer in mid- to late March, head to Munich for a fortnight of stein-swilling celebration. A 300-year Bavarian tradition, Starkbierzeit is the perfect excuse to engage in 2 weeks of revelry, lagers, and the consumption of great tasting beer. Head to the nearest kegfest and you surely won’t be disappointed in what’s on tap.

  • St. Patrick’s Festival, Ireland

    Green. Beer. Happy. Those are the three most important ingredients to a proper celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. And nowhere in the world is the revelry more authentic than in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. To be sure, the famous holiday is celebrated throughout the emerald isle, but the Emerald Isle’s Patron Saint’s presence is felt most in the country’s capital. So grab your shillelagh and get happy this St. Patrick’s Day.