Smart Travel Tips

When it comes to travel, a little bit of foresight goes a long way towards making your trip the best it can be.  We recommend that you start by answering a few basic questions, to get you pointed in the right direction. Remember, there are no ultimate vacations, but there is the ultimate vacation for you.


  • What is the main purpose of my vacation? Relaxation? Site-seeing? Shopping?
  • How much money have I budgeted for my trip? Will it cover most of what I have planned to see and do?
  • Will I be traveling alone? With friends or family? If so, does my destination offer enough variety to meet everyone’s needs?


The great thing about traveling in Europe is that it offers unlimited possibilities, no matter what your ideal vacation may be. Make it a bon voyage with Europa Casino’s travel guide!

Avoiding Common Scams Review

Avoiding Common Scams

Safety always comes first when traveling.  Knowing that you are outside of your comfort zone, often in unfamiliar surroundings, will likely have you acting more carefully, naturally.  But it can also make you a target for those who seek to prey on tourists.

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Traveling by Train Review

Traveling by Train

A great way to get around Europe is by train, both within a given country and between countries. Conveniently covering much of the continent, train travel is generally cheaper than flying, and is a great way to see a country, albeit as a passerby.

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Upcoming Events Across Europe

  • Rhine in Flames, Germany

    Germany’s most famous waterway gets lit up by fireworks displays every Saturday night in May. The illuminating spectacle takes place all along various points on the Rhine River each weekend. Each town along the river celebrates with events and festivals which include music, dancing, and great food. There’s no better way to brighten up your weekend German getaway.

  • Cannes Film Festival, France

    The Super Bowl of cinema, the Cannes Film Festival is arguably Europe’s biggest event of the calendar year. Tens of thousands flock to the French Riviera to catch a glimpse of some of the world’s top actors walking the red carpet steps. Glitz and glamour rule the day as films of all genres take center stage from May 11–22.

  • Chelsea Flower Show, England

    Put on by the Royal Horticultural Society from May 24–28, be prepared to be greeted by 11 acres of the UK's finest flowers, gardens, and nursery exhibits. You’ll surely develop a passion for plants as you stroll through the vibrant, blooming event grounds.